Slovakia Delivery Options & Charges

Last update: January 2023

All orders are 100% prepared and shipped from our warehouse in the Maresme of Barcelona.

We offer 24h / Next day express delivery (air transportation) to Bratislava, major cities in Slovakia, and West Slovakia, while smaller towns in East Slovakia may take 36-48 hours in transit. And we also offer Standard delivery (road transportation), which usually takes 4 to 5 business days in transit since the goods leave our warehouse, with West Slovakia taking 4 business days and East Slovakia 5 business days. See all our shipping rates at the bottom of this page.

We offer free shipping and partial 25%, 50%, and 75% discounts on delivery rates depending on the value of goods ordered. See tables below for billed delivery rates after volume discounts.

Deliveries are only available on working days Monday through Friday.


Options to receive your order at your residence, office, or in a nearby Service Center of our International courier partner

As default, you should select your preferred residence/place of work as the Delivery Address. However, after your order is collected by our International courier partner, you will receive a message from them giving you the option, if you prefer, to collect your package at one of the Courier Service Centers near you at your most convenient time, without having to wait for the delivery.



Due to current restrictions, each individual order is capped at 30 kg for now.

Perishable products that require cold chain storage and handling, such as some more delicate cheeses and seafood preserves all year round, and all cheeses and some charcuterie products during summer months, are only offered under 24 / Next day shipping.  Each individual product page will highlight this restriction if applies to that particular product.


Extra charges for whole ham legs under Express delivery

Whole ham legs (jamón) and shoulder hams legs (paleta) have an extra delivery charge of 34,50€ for each leg ONLY under Express 24h / next day delivery.  Standard delivery has no additional charges.


When will my order ship?

All orders placed before 12:00 hours (Slovakia time) will ship the same day unless the client prefers a programmed later date for delivery. Otherwise, will ship the following business day (Monday through Friday).

For orders with products sensitive to temperature changes that require cold chain conditions, mainly cheeses and some seafood preserves all year round, and also some charcuterie and ham products during summer months, orders arriving after Thursday 12:00 (Slovakia time) could only be shipped the following Monday since otherwise will spend the weekend in transit in the shipping company logistics center.

Programmed-specific delivery date is only available with our 24h/Next day (Express) service on working days Monday through Friday. Standard delivery by a specified date is not guaranteed.

Shipping and tracking information will be sent out via email once your order has been dispatched from our facility.

Once your order has shipped out of our facility it is now in the carrier’s hands. Please keep a close eye on tracking and plan accordingly.

Please make sure to enter the correct shipping address as our product is perishable! Feel free to email us at [email protected] for any special shipping requests!


Delivery Charges to Slovakia

Our shipping rates are meant to just compensate for incurred costs and do not have any surplus added. In fact, the opposite is true since most orders will enjoy partial or full shipping cost discounts proportional to the value of goods purchased.

Slovakia - Standard shipping rates 2023

Slovakia - Express - 24H shipping rates 2023